Service Projects

  1. Healthcare Project-For the last 11 years ,EBST is working to eradicate Tuberculosis(TB) through its 2 DOTS Centres at Chennai and its suburbs. Now it has decided to start medical camps for students in the social welfare hostels.The Medical services will also be extended for Municipal Corporation School students.Yoga, being a native panacea for all ills and a guide to healthy living,it is proposed to teach the ancient techniques to college and school students at the SDC.The Trust wants to conduct Yoga classes on regular basis for boys and girls studying in different colleges.Download PDF
  2. Prof K.R.P Memorial Medical Aid Centre,Madurai-Late Prof.K.R.Paramasivan(K.R.P), a senior lecturer in the Dept.of Commerce, Madura College,Madurai was very popular in the Temple City for his exceptional services in various fields. He was an ardent follower of Swamy Sivananda and remained as a bachelor till his last breath.He promoted Swamy Vivekananda youth movement in Madurai and also one of the founding pillars of ABVP, Tamil Nadu Unit. He mobilised people and resources to offer free medical services specially to the poor and needy people of slum areas with meagre earnings.As an ideal teacher, he inspired a large number of students for involvement in different kinds of social activities.Prof K.R.P was assassinated by Islamic fundamentalists on 28th March 1998 at Madurai. The EBST in association with ABVP launched a permanent service project commemorating his Martyrdom on March 28, 1999,with the sole objective of serving the poorest people of Madurai town who are unable to access the State-run medical services.Since then regular weekly medical camps are being conducted without any letup.In the past 12 years,EBST successfully conducted these well organized medical camps,for the benefit of around 100 patients every week.While the general Physicians provided the primary health care and counselling on hygiene and basic health care.Patients with various diseases are treated in the camps.Nursing and pharmacy students were involved in the Centre's activities to provide para-medical support.Recently we have addes Nebuliger to treat Bronchial Asthma in our armamentorium inspite of our financial crunch.The centre collects Rs.5/- as a nominal registration fee.Each registered patient undergoes a thorough medical check-up based on which a medical file is issued,which contains the medical history of the patient.The impact of these camps has been very impressive and satisfying.

Future Goals

  • Up-gradation of present weekly medical camp into a full fledged primary medi-care unit
  • Inculsion of basic laboratory services
  • Building necessary infrastructure such as installation of medical equipment which are inevitable for providing efficient and qualitative services to beneficiaries.
  • Providing high cost essential drugs and life saving drugs to the deserving patients.
  • To Build infrastructure to enable patients escape heat and cold


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