Developmental Projects

  • Student Development Centre(SDC)-A new Initiative EBST has decided to broaden its base and scope of activities in view of enthusiasm and encouragement shown by individuals and organisations having similar objectives.The Trust intends to build Student Development Centre(SDC) in the build up area of 4000sq/ft at Purasaiwakkam,Chennai,Tamil Nadu.As the organisation has taken up different projects that will benefit the all round development of the students,it is essential to have a dedicated centre to manage those needy projects.Primary objective of the SDC is to act as knowledge hub for students in all aspects of life. Student Development Centre will consists of Pan-India Information centre, Digital divide bridge service centre,Library seminar hall,seminar hall,free coaching class centre,yoga centre, Transit home,office rooms and utilities.
  • Sanskriti:Socio-Cultural Linkage Centre-The growth of professional colleges in south India,especially in TN has given new opportunity for the north-south linkage. A large number of students from North, North-Eastern and Andaman and Nicobar Islands, come to Tamil Nadu to pursue their studies.There is a dire need to bring these students under one roof. So,the trust has decided to provide a Transit Home,Information Centre under a cultural exchange convergence point for them.

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